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There's a problem with your website.  You see, regular websites just don't look right on mobile devices.  Your beautiful, content rich website may look incredible on your desktop computer, but on a mobile phone, the text is waaay too small, the buttons are tiny and your customers can't find what they need quickly and easily.

What's even worse, if your website is built using flash technology, it may not even work at all.  Most business owners don't know that iPhone users cannot view websites that use flash elements.

With more and more people using their smartphones to browse the web, a mobile optimized site is more important than ever.  And according to Morgan Stanley Research, by 2013, over 50% of all web visits will come from mobile devices than desktop computers.  

Without a mobile optimized site, you could be losing more than half of potential customers to your competition that already have mobile sites.

Here at, we build attractive, functional mobile websites that complement your existing business and brand.  They offer:

  • Clean designs with no large images or extra coding to slow down loading speeds.

  • "Click to call" button to instantly dial phone number listed on site.

  • Full integration with google maps, showing location, and giving instant directions to your business from any location.

  • Automatic redirection of existing traffic to mobile site.  Customers who visit your regular website via their mobile device can be seamlessly redirected to the mobile version, while desktop users see your original site.

  • Auto-sizing so website automatically fits the mobile screen without the need for zooming in and out.

We host your mobile website on lightning fast servers and we have access to the same server technology as, for near instant loading times. We can match your existing color scheme and logos for continuity and can ensure your service is set up to intelligently decide whether to show desktop or mobile versions.

We'll also set you up with your own mobile barcodes (QR codes).  You may have seen these 2d barcodes already.  Now you can use them in your marketing materials and anyone with a smartphone and QR reader can scan the code and instantly view your website.  No more typing in long website addresses, just scan and view.  These are a GREAT way to get people to sign up to your newsletter, offer coupons etc

Your new mobile website will also come as a custom mobile web app - meaning visitors can add your mobile site directly to their iPhone with a custom icon.  This is the perfect way to make sure you are never more than one 'tap' from your prospects when they need your products/services.

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